4 Quotes That Prove Video Game Characters are Smarter than Politicians

Video games get a lot of flak for being a soft form of entertainment, for them providing very little in the way of educational content or even stuff that makes you think of anything more than “Hmmm, I wonder how many flashbangs I could throw at that terrorist before he literally collapsed of a mechanically induced seizure”. Characters from video games also get criticised for being impossibly unrealistic representations of the human form or for being huge dicks, so to combat that, here are 4 quotes that show that some video game characters are pretty damn smart.

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Lugia’s Song

Hey guys, we have a new knight among the ranks! HybridSpy will now be giving us some lovely video content, first of which will be some gaming related tunes that he plays on his ocarina. His first song he has for us is Lugia’s Song, and it sounds lovely if I do say so myself, make sure to keep an eye on both his channel and on the site for more great videos from him. Enjoy!

Pokemon Papercrafts

Hey guys, have you ever wanted to make your own pokemon? Well now you can! Admittedly, they may only be made from paper, but you can still try and make them all with help from Paperpokes. This site gives you awesome printable solutions to make tons of your favourite pokemon, what’s even better is that they are well on their way to having all pokemon ever avaialable for you to print, fold and admire.

You can check the site over at http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net and you can amaze yourself at all the crazy ways to make your favourite pocket monsters. I’m not sure I need to give you any more reason to go and check this site out, so go forth and craft!

Even the paper versions are cute.

5 Videogame soundtracks that double as love songs.

Now I’ve already written about 5 songs from videogames that could double for workout tunes. But they say that love makes the world go round, working out, not so much. So I thought I’d show the top 5 videogames songs you could probably get away with playing while wooing or horizontal hugging a member of the opposite sex.

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5 games you didn’t know were controversial.

Controversy and video games spend more time together than the pages of a bible in a mosque. Most controversy is bullshit and usually caused as the result of poor research. However, it’s also an issue that as gamers we’re going to see, a lot. So I wanted to show you how easily you can make anything seem controversial if you look at it the right way, to remind people that most of the controversy you see, is just people reading into things too much.

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4 reasons gaming is just like a relationship.

Although the two terms rarely seem to go hand in hand, videogaming in my opinion draws a lot of parallels with starting a relationship. For example meeting a girl is just like discovering a new game, it’s always going to be that one that challenges you, that you will either enjoy for life, or spend late nights fruitlessly exercising your hands to. Don’t agree with me? At least read the list before you do that, jeez.

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The 5 Worst Parents In Gaming

Well, we all know that parenting is a difficult task, to say the least. However, when you’re sitting on the child side of the relationship, the whole ordeal feels like a long, boring struggle for freedom. Our 10 year-old selves, feeling like the unjustly punished victim as we sit in the lonely prison that is the infamous naughty step, when all we did was set the living room on fire. Life is so unfair. Continue reading

I Wanna Be The Very Best!

Everybody and their grandma wishes that pokemon was real (definite fact). As unfortunate as it may be that this will likely never happen, you can make your dreams of becoming a pokemon master one step closer with these, amazing replica gym badges from Sanshee. The whole site is packed full of amazing looking, geeky things to buy, but these, for me, are a stand out choice. If your tastes fall upon the more modern titles, then do not fret! the site actually has a set for all 5 generations of the game, I just love these due to the added nostalgia factor. If I’m honest though, I kinda wish I had the money to buy all the sets.