Wii U: Why Nintendo’s Console Is Your Best Option

Now, it’s no secret that the Wii U hasn’t been the most successful of consoles since its launch. After some rather promising sales in the launch period, the Wii U became rather stagnant and has been climbing out of its own grave ever since. Now that the PS4 and Xbox One have been released, next-gen is truly upon us, but for all of its shortcomings, here are the reasons I believe that the Wii U is still the best option for those looking to jump in to the future of gaming. Continue reading

What to do with Zelda

So, yesterday I read an article about why zelda should be handed over to Retro Studios, and well, it got me thinking about what I want to see from Zelda games in the future. I’m personally a massive Zelda fan, it is my favourite gaming series of all time and as much as people may moan about it being stale, I think that Skyward Sword was one of the finest Zelda games to date. However, I understand why some people are beginning to find it boring, the last few games in the series have clearly suffered from the near perfect formula which the games have stood by for years. Not to say that the formula is a bad one, it’s just that us as gamers are so used to it now that we want more, we want that feeling of awe that we got from Zelda all those times in the past. So hopefully, here are some ways that Nintendo can freshen up Zelda for us all to love for another 25 years. Continue reading

Lugia’s Song

Hey guys, we have a new knight among the ranks! HybridSpy will now be giving us some lovely video content, first of which will be some gaming related tunes that he plays on his ocarina. His first song he has for us is Lugia’s Song, and it sounds lovely if I do say so myself, make sure to keep an eye on both his channel and on the site for more great videos from him. Enjoy!

Pokemon Papercrafts

Hey guys, have you ever wanted to make your own pokemon? Well now you can! Admittedly, they may only be made from paper, but you can still try and make them all with help from Paperpokes. This site gives you awesome printable solutions to make tons of your favourite pokemon, what’s even better is that they are well on their way to having all pokemon ever avaialable for you to print, fold and admire.

You can check the site over at http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net and you can amaze yourself at all the crazy ways to make your favourite pocket monsters. I’m not sure I need to give you any more reason to go and check this site out, so go forth and craft!

Even the paper versions are cute.

5 games you didn’t know were controversial.

Controversy and video games spend more time together than the pages of a bible in a mosque. Most controversy is bullshit and usually caused as the result of poor research. However, it’s also an issue that as gamers we’re going to see, a lot. So I wanted to show you how easily you can make anything seem controversial if you look at it the right way, to remind people that most of the controversy you see, is just people reading into things too much.

Continue reading



Hey guys, I have another awesome site for you guys, enjoy.

Over at qwertee.com they have a bunch of limited edition shirts that are awesome, many of them are very gaming related, but nearly all of them have cool, geeky references in them. For example look at this design for a nintendo avengers shirt.

Most of the shirts there are amazing. Designed by the community, and voted for by them too, you’ll see a bunch of different art styles and references on there. What’s also really cool is that, because they’re all limited edition, you’ll be happy to know that you’re one of the only people to ever own the shirt, making it extra special.