Getting Going Again

Hey guys, this is masterlinkace here. We knights are very aware that the site has been a little inactive of late, this is mainly due to Dell providing me with a very naughty laptop that likes to break lots.

We hope to be back up and running properly very shortly, and when we do, we will have streams of new content for you to enjoy. We apologize with all our hearts for the lack of new stuff lately, and we hope this never happens again. One can only hope.

I hope all you lovely readers keep up to date with what’s going on, and meet us all back here when we get things back going. Until then, stay strong, fellow gamers.


Hey guys, this is our new site, and as knights of gaming, we hope to bring you lots of gaming goodness. However…this may take time, the site is now (hopefully) functional, but as you guys can probably tell, we only have one post right now and we will need time to get  the number of posts up.

We will also be sharing with you guys lots of things that we feel you people will want to see, like cool sites to visit, and geeky things across the web for you to buy 🙂

To get us started, I have put up some of my old blog posts for you all to have a look through, but building upon that will take time, so bare with us, and soon, this site promises to be awesome!