Pokemon Papercrafts

Hey guys, have you ever wanted to make your own pokemon? Well now you can! Admittedly, they may only be made from paper, but you can still try and make them all with help from Paperpokes. This site gives you awesome printable solutions to make tons of your favourite pokemon, what’s even better is that they are well on their way to having all pokemon ever avaialable for you to print, fold and admire.

You can check the site over at http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net and you can amaze yourself at all the crazy ways to make your favourite pocket monsters. I’m not sure I need to give you any more reason to go and check this site out, so go forth and craft!

Even the paper versions are cute.

Which Review


Indie games are one of my great loves in the gaming world for two reasons, first is that there is a huge amount of originality, indie games have to be much more original than their mainstream counterparts, primarily because they don’t have the advantage of EA and THQ ad campaigns, therefore the market is much harder to get into. The second reason, that NO ONE can deny is a reason for loving indie games, is thefact that they are [for the most part] cheap!

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Hey guys, I have another awesome site for you guys, enjoy.

Over at qwertee.com they have a bunch of limited edition shirts that are awesome, many of them are very gaming related, but nearly all of them have cool, geeky references in them. For example look at this design for a nintendo avengers shirt.

Most of the shirts there are amazing. Designed by the community, and voted for by them too, you’ll see a bunch of different art styles and references on there. What’s also really cool is that, because they’re all limited edition, you’ll be happy to know that you’re one of the only people to ever own the shirt, making it extra special.

I Wanna Be The Very Best!

Everybody and their grandma wishes that pokemon was real (definite fact). As unfortunate as it may be that this will likely never happen, you can make your dreams of becoming a pokemon master one step closer with these, amazing replica gym badges from Sanshee. The whole site is packed full of amazing looking, geeky things to buy, but these, for me, are a stand out choice. If your tastes fall upon the more modern titles, then do not fret! the site actually has a set for all 5 generations of the game, I just love these due to the added nostalgia factor. If I’m honest though, I kinda wish I had the money to buy all the sets.



Zelda Westerns!

Hey guys, just stumbled across this little beauty on the Youtubes. It’s Zelda: Ocarina of Time…but all westerned up and shit. Personally I love it, there is nothing better than watching fan tributes and mashups like this. Plus, it gives everybody the opportunity to see a real life sheik! here is the first of three episodes, they’re all up on the Youtubes now! enjoy 😀


Hey guys, check out normalboots.com it’s a really cool site which has lots of quality videos. I personally really like watching JonTron and PeanutButterGamer, oh and the DidYouKnowGaming videos are really interesting, even if they don’t have many of them yet. Here, check one out for yourself! here is their latest DYKG video, all about Star Fox: