About The Site

We are a small and upcoming gaming network, and we have one quest to fulfil. That quest is to keep the internets alive with a bevvy of cool, amazing content as well as share anything else out there that may be worth your while.

We shall be bringing you News, Previews, Reviews, Top 10s, Opinion Articles, Podcasts, Video Reviews, Let’s Plays and even more!!! All of this will be original content for you lovely people, and will be brought to you by both the knights themselves and some of our lovely adventurer friends that will make guest appearances. All in an effort to bring you great content, without the waiting!

We knights are a friendly bunch and we love to hear from you, so as well as leaving us your lovely comments, why not head over to Twitter or Facebook and add us! heck, if you do, never be afraid to send us a message, we love to hear from our fans! (when we get some o.O)

email: agamingknight@gmail.com

twitter: @agamingknight

facebook: http://facebook.com/theknightsofgaming

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