About The Knights


Editor, Writer and the one who screams lots. Lucas has grown up with a controller in one hand, and a Game Boy in the other. Studying Games development at university, whilst playing and writing about games in his spare time, you’ll be hard pushed to find somebody more involved in the world of gaming as Lucas. His favourite Game series is the Legend of Zelda, his favourite genre is “undecided because most of them are awesome” and often claims to be the real-life Ramona Flowers.

 Twitter: @masterlinkace

 Email: thelostkokiri@hotmail.co.uk

Bada- I mean Ben.

Since I’m writing this in third person: Badass video Maestro, Writer and creative genius. Ben is an avid weirdo who enjoys video games and a cup of tea a little too much, he enjoys making the podcasts and the occasional lets play and livestream. On the topic of favourite games, he has to admit that his is most definately the Mass Effect series and choosing a genre is too difficult leave him alone! He often claims to be a badass and its 100% legitimately true!

Twitter: @shep0d

YouTube: /Shep0d or /TheCozzPod


Karl Smallwood (yes, that’s his actual name) is an avid gamer and writer, you may have seen his work on Cracked.comToptenzGunaxin or his own site. If not, check that shit, it’s pretty awesome. His favourite games are the Devil May Cry series and he’s a firm supporter of the Xbox, because it’s the only console he can afford.

He has Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarlSmallwood

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karl.smallwood.3

And an email address: karlsmallwood@hotmail.com






Some call him Bananananana Man, others Cozz, others… Well… Everyone calls him Kris. The second half of TheCozzPod, the knight whos never written an article due to a lack of account and literacy, Ben found him in a gutter and raised him as his own. He plays any game that Ben forces him to buy in co-op, and admittedly has a pretty badass banana costume.

Twitter: @krismorsley
Youtube: /thecozzpod

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