Wii U: Why Nintendo’s Console Is Your Best Option

Now, it’s no secret that the Wii U hasn’t been the most successful of consoles since its launch. After some rather promising sales in the launch period, the Wii U became rather stagnant and has been climbing out of its own grave ever since. Now that the PS4 and Xbox One have been released, next-gen is truly upon us, but for all of its shortcomings, here are the reasons I believe that the Wii U is still the best option for those looking to jump in to the future of gaming.

It’s All Grown Up

Unlike the fresh-faced competition, Nintendo’s console has been out for over a year now and that means that all those initial worries and woes are a thing of the past. The game drought is over, patches have been released, Ninty have realised their mistakes and learned from them.

In comparison however, the Sony and Microsoft alternatives are playing catch up, both have released consoles with features missing (to be released in the future), both have suffered from delayed games and most importantly, both are suffering with hardware failures, leaving some gamers with no console at all to play their mediocre launch titles on.

It’s Unique

It’s clear to see that Nintendo has a different philosophy towards gaming than Sony or Microsoft and you need to look no further than their consoles to realise this. Just like the last-gen consoles, the Playstation and Xbox have tried to push the consoles technologically, attempting to provide graphics that make your eyes scream, whereas The Wii has focused on providing innovate and interesting ways to play our games.

Currently we only have a small number of games that utilize the gamepad as more than just a glorified map/inventory screen, but these games make some truly memorable experiences. Whether it be the tense gameplay of Zombie U, or the frantic and hilarious gameplay of Wii party U/Nintendoland, they are all experiences that wouldn’t be possible on the rival consoles.

No Waiting Around

As I mentioned earlier, the Wii U’s game drought seems well and truly over, with games like Pikmin 3; The Wonderful 101; Zelda Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World all being released towards the end of last year. However both the PS4 and XB1 have suffered from several delays and are now suffering from a lack of interesting titles to play.

The Best Next-Gen Game So Far

The Best Next-Gen Game So Far

Plus, it may be difficult to even get a console to play those games right now, with the launch boom in sales, both consoles are sold out nearly everywhere you look. The Wii U is almost the antithesis of this right now, with many retailers trying so hard to push the console, that there are some fantastic special offers and bundles to take advantage of, which brings me swiftly on to my next point…

It’s All About The Money

This one is a no-brainer really, why would you pay £400+ for a console that you won’t get much out of (yet), when you could save yourself a sweet £200+ and grab yourself a Wii U. Heck, you could even spend those savings on some fancy new games, or buy yourself a few Wii-motes if you don’t already have a pile of them gathering dust somewhere.

Gaming Diversity

Whether it be through the AAA titles, indie games or just the Virtual Console, the Wii U certainly has a diverse (although quite small) library behind it so far. Nintendo have always offered up some of the best first-party titles and between the Wii U and the Wii emulation mode, you can play almost all of them without ever having to move. Well, you’ll still have to waggle a bit.

Lots Of Games To Play!

So Many Different Games To Play!

What is possibly even more impressive is that Nintendo is actually turning the Wii U into a really interesting platform for indie games. Featuring games like Trine 2, Chasing Aurora, Cloudberry Kingdom, Little Inferno and more, there are some truly fantastic hidden gems hanging out inside the Wii U eShop.

Many people complain that Nintendo consoles have a lack of ‘mature’ games, but when you have the likes of Zombie U and Resident Evil: Revelations to play and Bayonetta 2 on the horizon, I would beg to differ. Besides, who said you have to be a child to enjoy Mario games?

Invite Your Friends Over

It’s no secret that online multiplayer is all the craze right now, with a plethora of titles including it just because it’s become the standard in gaming. Nintendo however haven’t forgotten about the reason we started playing games in the first place, because what’s the point in beating your friends if you can’t see the crushing pain in their eyes.

By that, I of course mean playing together on the same TV, it sounds primitive by today’s standards, but in my eyes, online gaming will never be able to truly recreate that special experience. Plus, the gamepad has an extra advantage in this department, offering up a 5th player slot and often even removing the frustration that is screen watching by offering an asymmetric gameplay dynamic. Even with its rather small library of games, the Wii U already provides an extremely entertaining multiplayer experience that you definitely won’t forget.

3 comments on “Wii U: Why Nintendo’s Console Is Your Best Option

  1. Absolutely correct on all counts – IF 3rd parties continue to produce games. At this point Nintendo should be paying “AAA” 3rd party games promotional allowance to ensure their products hit the WIi U.

  2. “Ninty have realised their mistakes and learned from them.” You really made me laugh with that one! You seem to be a very bad investor, you see, when I buy a console I don’t just look what games it has already available, but what it’s future will be, and the Wii U’s future compared to the other two looks terrible. A more honest article will be telling people to stay away from the Wii U.

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