Our Favourite Games of 2012

So, with a great year of gaming behind us, there are plenty of games getting attention, awards for best this and that are being thrown around like nobodys business, so we here at TKOG thought that we’d join in and give you a little list of some of our favourite games of the year (GOTY).

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale


Lucas – “One thing that I feel is missing from a large majority of fighting games nowadays is a sense of fun. The mascot brawler is a different beast entirely it would seem. Following in the footsteps of the crazy and hilarious Smash Bros. series, Playstation All stars pits some of the best mascots the company has had to date in an insane duel to the death. Not many games can claim to have chicken-riding princesses, cyber ninjas and almighty gods all on one screen, which is exactly why I love it. In such a competetive, serious genre, it’s great to see a breath of fresh air every now and then.

Worms Revolution

worms revolution

Chris – “It’s a worm’s game, and that’s already more than you need to know. Team 17 have come close this time to beating ‘Worms: Armageddon’ in my opinion (nostalgia may be swaying me on this one). The gameplay is basically flawless, (if you ignore the accuracy of AI) and the game has so much in it, that it can’t help but please old and new worm’s fans alike. The new weapons are inspired, especially with the water based mechanics that have been added in. The clincher for me is the inclusion of Matt Berry, who is hilarious, if you didn’t get this game in 2012, get it now before the next apocalypse gets us.

Far Cry 3

far cry 3

Ben – “Yes, I know, this game only came in december and I’ve only been playing it since christmas, but guys, this game is incredible. A comparison to Skyrim is, in a way justified…with one exception, this game is more deep and in depth. Unlike Skyrim, people of villages will remember your conquests. As appose to you becoming the archmage of the universe, them overlooking it, and then asking what your name is. Also, if a fully fleshed campaign wasnt enough, this game carries a significantly impressive multiplayer and a very enjoyable Co-Op, with characters just as interesting as Jason Brody.”



Lucas – “I love a good retro platformer every now and then, but FEZ took it a step further, putting you in a 3D world, but on a 2D plane…the choice was a genious one, leaving the player to spin the world around themselves and comprehend puzzles which will melt their tiny little brains. An insanely clever, polished 3D puzzle platformer, presented in a 2D environment. Even explaining this game is difficult, but once you play it, you’ll be trapped in the grasp of its witty charm, never to be let go again.”

Devil May Cry HD Collection


Karl – “Devil May Cry was one of my favourite games, and seeing it get a HD polish made me way happier than it should have done. It wasn’t just the game, it was what it represented…potential for that same process to happen to countless other games from my childhood. The DMC HD collection was my favourite game because it made me realise that my future grandchildren could share in one of my best gaming memories, and that’s awesome.”

LEGO Lord Of The Rings

Lego Lord of the Rings

Chris – “I have to admit this mainly due to a massive Lord Of The Rings fangasam for this game on my part. Basically any game that is LOTR based and semi decent, I will lap up like a naive child buying a movie tie in game. Like all LEGO games it has that instant quirky charm that is brought to any franchise that is LEGO-ised (it’s a real word now, because I said so). The missions are fun, the story has been mostly left untouched and the voice overs/music from the original films, are really what secures this as a GOTY for me. If that wasn’t enough you get to ride goats as the hobbits, and fuck anything up that is vaguely destructible…which is just hilarious.”

The Walking Dead

walking dead

Chris – “(I haven’t played 4 and 5 yet but I’m assuming they are equally good). Apart from the fact that the first episode could easily be mistaken for a paedophile simulator at the start (randomly persuading a lone child to leave her home), this game quickly ups the pace and develops a charm of its own. The story’s fantastic, the characters feel rich and engaging…even the ones that I want to shoot in the face (Larry). Plus, the choice system really immerses you in the game. So far this game has been an emotional rollercoaster, and that’s why it deserves a GOTY spot for me.

Ben – “The Walking Dead… What a game, this point and click adventure, whilst simple, pulled on my heartstrings to a ridiculous extent. The game has an incredible story and I’ve never been so defensive over a character as I was over Clementine, the little girl you find at the beginning of the game. This is a game well deserving of this spot in my eyes and I love this freaking game.”

Halo 4

halo 4

Lucas – “Yes, okay, this may be on the list of every GOTY going, but there is a reason for that. 343 studios did an excellent job breathing life into a franchise many considered to be stale. Okay, the campaign was a bit of a drag, but who cares? Everybody knows that multiplayer is where Halo is at, and it didn’t disappoint  At the end of the day, Halo  is a hilariously fun multiplayer experience once again, and no amount of teabags can change that fact.

Mass Effect 3

mass effect 3

Ben – “My long standing favourite game series. Mass Effect has always delivered an immersive space RPG experiance and this game did not let me down. The fleshed out universe was well represented and despite a slightly dissapointing ending, I did have tears in my eyes during the final scene and I think its deserving of my top spot.”

Lucas – “This wasn’t in my top few GOTY, but I have no idea why, seeing Ben talk about it so highly made me realise how much I actually loved this game. Both the RPG and action elements were finely tuned, and yes, although it felt like it strayed a little far from it’s roots, I felt Bioware gave us a more than worthy (and epic) end to one of my favourite trilogies in gaming ever…Oh and the ending still made me cry, so stop whining about it!”

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