Why Fighting Games are Bad for Gaming Update.

Double update:  I’ve written a small piece in response to the feedback I’ve been given today, it can be found here.

Update: In response to the overwhelming response this article has received, I’ve answered as many of the criticisms as possible in a follow-up article.

Video games are becoming an increasingly legitimate form of entertainment, they have adverts for games during primetime TV and the best-selling christmas present are usually video games and consoles. As a fan of the medium I welcome this, more people interested in the medium means more money will be invested in it, which of course means more celebrity voices in games. Liam Neeson as Master Chief, make it happen.

Wolves aint no thing.

Wolves aint no thing.

Which is why we as gamers need to stop playing fighting games. Now I play a lot of fighting games, I bought Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3, three separate times because my copies kept being destroyed. I bought two copies of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 because my Xbox scratched one, I had over a thousand games and 100 hours of game time on Soul Calibur 4. Long story short, I fucking love me some fighting games. Which is why it’s painful for me to tell people, not to play them.

Every video game has a fan base, it’s the hallmark of a good game, if you create something that people will put effort into following, you know you’ve made something worthwhile. However, the people who play fighting games, are dicks. I know, I’ve spent a lot of time playing against them, and playing with them. I’m here all week, tip the waiters!

First things first is the misogyny, oh the misogyny. I’ve already written about how misogyny can go fuck itself with wasabi coated wire wool before. In fighting games, misogyny is so ingrained that even the people who helped create games like Street Fighter have admitted to the boys club like mentality it has. Although the game has made progress, whenever a girl plays the game, the reactions are so filled with repressed sexual desire and veiled insults at their skills you’d think they were reviewing a porno their mum starred in. Like this video of Choco Blanka (one of the best Street Fighter players on the planet, period) playing some sets.


Sure you could say this is just a small part of the community, but when you have just one person who thinks like this, it’s alienating for half of your potential audience and when we as gamers are trying to fight the image of sexually retarded teenagers who yell at people online, that doesn’t fucking help. It does the opposite of help, that sentence is so far from help it’s technically considered an inmate on death row.

But by far the worst part of fighting games is the competitive nature of the people playing them, now by their very definition, fighting games are competitive, it’s their whole appeal. If you can’t see your virtual avatar punching the lifeless corpse of a sumo wrestler reflected in the watery eyes of the person you just beat, what’s the point? But here’s the thing, active players are so into the whole idea of being the best, new players are completely left out to to dry. Now I’m going to share a story. Because I can and because it segues nicely into the video I want to share.

In my time I’ve played a lot of Tekken, it’s one of my favourite games and I’ve got a fairly solid understanding of the mechanics of the game, but I’ve only ever played it on a console, with a controller. When I happened upon an arcade cabinet version of the game at the beach, you better believe I got in on that shit. I gleefully inserted my money and started selecting my character (Kuma of course, boogie with the bear, baby!) when I was casually approached by a guy of about 20 years of age (I was 16 at the time) when he got to the cabinet he asked if he could play too, I agreed, and shuffled to the side to make some room. As the match was beginning to start I leaned over to the guy and mentioned that I’d never actually played the game on an arcade machine before and had no idea which buttons corresponded to which buttons on a controller. I innocently asked if he’d hold off from playing for just a few seconds so I could figure out which button did what. As soon as the game started he attacked like it was a training session, my bear was beaten so badly a nearby Russian guy playing on a slot machine got an erection. Realising that he wasn’t going to let me do anything, I tried to fight back the following match and lost again. When the match finally ended the guy said I needed practise and walked away. I’d like to say I had some sort of comeback, but I didn’t, I just took my money and went and played House of the Dead.

Now I’d like to share a video. For some back story this guy lost at a video game, the entire time he was playing the match he was being yelled at, I mean properly screamed at, Full Metal Jacket style, by people he didn’t know. When he lost the match he burst into tears, presumably because 4 guys he didn’t know had been yelling in his fucking face! While he was in tears, he was filmed and forced to say, “I’m not a real nigga” to the camera while people laughed. Which is something that should only happen in the roughest of gay pornos, and sometimes, not even then.

Now you could easily say, that video isn’t representative of the entire community, but along with the 100,000 views it has, it also has this.

UntitledThat’s like 80% of the people who’ve watched the video and felt strongly enough about it express their opinion, have liked it, it’s hard to say it’s the opinion of one person when according to the stats, tens of thousands of people agree with what they’ve done. Then you have the comments. Which are so sad you’re automatically signed up for depression counselling when you click the “Load more” button.


Yep, someone being bad at a game and wanting people to play and take him seriously so he can improve is a perfectly ok reason to yell at them until they cry. And if they cry, they’re obviously a pussy and don’t deserve to play the game with you until they improve. If you tried that shit in any other aspect of life you’d get punched in the dick so hard your grandkids would be born with black eyes. If you was playing pool with someone and you missed a pot and that person then screamed in your face about you being a bitch, you’d slap their shit. Why is it acceptable with fighting games.

It’s an attitude that’s fucking poison to video games, fighting games, arguably take more skill to play than most other types of game, they require frame perfect execution and have very rigid tier lists and an incredibly technical meta-games. That’s the appeal, they take an age to master. But when people just trying to learn the game are actively excluded from the community at large, they’re just going to stop playing. It’s not worth it. When you have a community of player who look down on casual players for not being knowledgeable or using scrubby tactics,the majority of those players aren’t going to keep interacting with that community and the community will never grow.

I love fighting games, but it’s all too often that I’ll see someone refuse to pick the game up because they simply cannot be arsed dealing with the hassle of losing over and over again while someone who has dedicated dozens of hours to it brags about how they won. They’d rather play Call of Duty where no matter how good you are, there’s always a chance you’ll get hit by an airstrike. A feature that’s sadly missing from fighting games.


This article has seen a huge boost in views so I wanted to clarify something. This article was written using my experience as a casual fan of the fighting game scene. I’d like to clarify that it wasn’t written to criticise the community or the scene in general, it was written to criticise how the community treats people who aren’t intimately familiar with it and how I feel that, that can alienate newer players and thus harm gaming in general. Considering there has already been a heap of comments about me not understanding how the scene works, I kind of had a point.

– Karl.

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  1. Fighting games are not for gurls and noobs, go back to COD and your other shooters.
    It’s the last bastion of hope for the boy’s club and we intend to keep it that way….it’s the only place we can be boys!
    Chokoblanka is crap, she can defeat casuals and low-level guys but gets whooped easily by good people.

  2. 1. Using YT comments as proof of misogyny rampant in the community? Not a good idea. Also, calling ChocoBlanka one of the best players in the world just shows a general lack of knowledge about the scene. She’s good, but one of the best? Questionable, and not because she’s a girl.

    2. Competitiveness is bad? So the dude at the arcade was being a dick, that’s true. The whole “Not a Real Nigga” thing was also an embarrassing moment for the community, but CORN is not representative of the FGC as a whole. Plus, KarateLincoln (the player in the video) has said that he’s pretty much gotten over the situation only a few days after, and also said that it’s inspired him to put in more work and get better. I see nothing wrong with a competitive drive like that.

    Also, “That’s like 80% of the people who’ve watched the video have liked it, it’s hard to say it’s the opinion of one person when literally tens of thousands of people agree with what they’ve done. then you have the comments.” The number of likes is clearly shown: 1734. Don’t misrepresent the numbers to make us look bad. Also, still citing YT comments. Not a good idea.

    3. The last paragraph is pretty much saying, “Putting work into a game is lame. People should play CoD, where you die no matter how much time you spend because skill isn’t as important. My friends don’t want to put time into a game where you need to build up skill over a longer period of time.” I shouldn’t have to point out what’s wrong with that. You are essentially advocating laziness.

    TL;DR: Don’t try to criticize a scene that you clearly only have a casual knowledge of. Do some of us do idiotic things? Yes, indeed. Is that what the scene is? No.

    • YouTube comments are people commenting with complete anonymity. It’s why I like using them as examples, people have no filter because they have nothing invested in that online persona.

      While researching I looked at a number of female players, ChockoBlanka was referred to as one of the finest Blanka players on Earth by Arturo Sanchez. Although she may not be the greatest overall player, she’s still able to compete at a high level. One of the best is subjective term I agree, but competing at the level she does puts her way above virtually any other player of the game, so in my eyes. She’s one of the best.

      I criticise the competitiveness element because it’s alienating for newer players, I have no problem with people striving to improve, that’s a good thing. But when you have players like in the video linked who will actively make a person cry with insults and taunts for simply not being that good, that’s taking it too far.

      You can say that CORN aren’t representative of the community as a whole, but they’re still a part of it, that video had a hundred thousand views (more than almost any other FGC video I’ve ever seen) and a very tiny minority of the people who felt strongly about it enough to comment or like the video agreed with the sentiment behind it. Brian wasn’t a real nigga and it was perfectly ok to make fun of him to the point of tears because he wasn’t that good.

      Regardless of whether or not he admitted to getting over it, that video sends an incredibly poor message to anyone who interacts with the community in a casual way, myself included. The reaction to that video on the SRK forums made me completely stop visiting the site. Although I saw some people condone it, again, a majority did not and that didn’t sit right with me.

      Also, I think you misunderstood the final paragraph, I greatly admire anyone with the skill to become good at a fighting game, but that’s the point. They’re incredibly difficult to play, like it or not, the majority of gamers today are either casual or want immediate entertainment. Call of Duty and similar games provide that, they’re not perfect, but it’s one of the few games you can put into your console and be playing within 30 seconds. There’s no investment of effort so you don’t take it seriously, which is all gaming is to most people, non-serious entertainment.

      Fighting games do take a serious investment, which is rewarding, but the point I was trying to make with this article is that people won’t be willing to put in that effort, when to a casual viewer, the FGC is incredibly unwelcoming. You can say that not everyone is like that, but when the most vocal or visible members are ones that are unpleasant, that has little meaning.

      TL;DR I know I’m a casual member of the scene, this article was written specifically from that viewpoint. It’s not written to criticise the scene, it’s written to criticise how the scene treats people who aren’t intimately familiar with it. Judging by the comments this article has had, I think I proved my point.

      • Did you bother watching the CORN video or are you just going off of what you’ve heard about it? It wasn’t about him being bad at the game, it was about him putting up large amounts of money against clearly better players, and then getting emotional over the loss. They didn’t tease him to the point of tears, they teased him FOR his tears. The point wasn’t “you’re bad and you should feel bad for it,” it was more along the lines of “don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose, and take your losses like an adult.”

      • 1. YT commenters are filled with trolls and people being stupid for the sake of being stupid. The anonymity doesn’t show their true colors, it just gives them a cover to say something outrageous with no consequences. Also, I don’t want to turn this conversation to one about ChocoBlanka, but from what I’ve seen she often struggles at tournaments, and being known as a good Blanka doesn’t say too much when high-level Blankas are rather rare.

        2. Jeremiah is correct, the crying was a result of combined factors of losing money and the taunting. Is CORN still a bunch of scumbags? Yes, they are. Did Brian get himself into a situation he should have know that he was not ready for? Yes, he did. I’m not condoning CORN and really they are a despicable organization (though Cee Dizzy and some others are cool and have spoken out in defense of Brian) but placing the blame entirely on them is not right. The callous reaction you’ve seen is people wondering why an inexperienced player would attempt to bite off more than he can chew.

        And the CORN people didn’t terrorize the poor guy because they were competitive: They did it because they were dicks. If you think that’s what a competitive player looks like then… all I have to say is that you’re wrong.

        3. Something I see people saying all of the time is that fighting games have a very high barrier of entry and needs a dramatic investment of effort, which kills fun. The truth is that it’s not hard to get good at a fighting game… at least, it’s not hard to get to the level where you know what you’re doing. Take Street Fighter: You have normal moves, which are just button presses. You have special moves, which are button presses with a analog stick motion. A few meters that show what extra-special moves you can do. Health bars: self-explanatory. Hold back to block. And… done. The fact that no one bothers trying to grasp how relatively simple fighting games are is saddening.

        4. I will be the first to admit that there is unprofessional behavior present in the scene, at least compared to the more “eSports” communities of SC/LoL/etc., but it would be a little quick to judge the entire scene based off of YouTube comments (Just no) and a video that, while relatively recent, depicts an incident that the entire community got over quickly.

        Also, if you are calling CORN and YT commenters the “most vocal [and] visible” people in the scene, then you are just looking in the wrong places. Generally you’ll find helpful people within the FGC when you need help. (I did, it’s not hard.) If anything, any distaste people have for newcomers comes from the fact that quite a few come in complaining about this mechanic or that character without bothering to put in the work (again, not hard to do) to overcome their problems, which have simple solutions 99% of the time.

        So once again, I’m going to have to ask you to stop misrepresenting the scene based on (in your own words) your casual point of view. You’ve pretty much admitted to a lack of knowledge about us. What makes you think you know what’s wrong with us?

      • Most viewed FGC video you’ve seen? Did you not search at all? The Daigo Parrying Justin video is in the 700,00 and the Yipes “It’s Mahvel Baby” has over a million.

  3. It’s not that we should stop playing fighting games; it’s that the people playing them need to be respectful. But that problem’s not exclusive to fighters; that applies to all games.

  4. The yomacon video is why fighting games are great.

    The skill involved and the smack talk come from the arcade culture.

    Arcades are where console playin dweebs who troll their mom’s basements were afraid to go, because they would get humiliated, and lose their quarters.

    Every time I show people the FGC, they’re always pleasantly surprised at the lack of RPG dweebs or COD bros. These are real guys, having a good time.

    You obviously have never been to a pickup basketball game.

    • Your comment highlights my point. You’re admitting that certain people either aren’t welcome or do not feel welcome in the FGC.

      If people do not feel welcome, they will not join in. It’s as simple as that. Companies such as Nintendo dominate todays market because they appeal to the masses and because of it, they’re the ones sitting on solid gold toilet seats.

      It’s in any genre of gaming’s best interest to include as many people as possible. Because more people means more money and more games.

      • Umm… no. You don’t get it.

        The actual barrier to entry in the FGC is the skill required to be remotely competitive, not the culture. The culture, and the “hype” is a huge selling point. Compare EVO to a Starcraft event. Completely in EVO’s favor as far as how much fun it is as a spectator with people getting excited for their favorite players.

        There are plenty of people out there who enjoy being a part of something that they have to “earn their stripes” at. FGC is like that. You gotta take your lumps and get good. It’s no different than any other competitive hobby or sport, only we’re a bit louder and more abrasive.

        Thing is, ANYONE is welcome… you just have to be good. FGC doesn’t care if you’re white, black, asian, gay, straight, man, woman, trans, or whatever. If you have the skills to win, you’re welcome. It’s the ultimate meritocracy.

        If you don’t have what it takes to win, prepare to get told how much of a scrub you are. That’ll either motivate you to get better or get you to quit. Either way that’s a win for the FGC, b/c playing someone who is terrible and has no motivation to get any better is a waste of everyone’s time.

        This is not a community where everyone gets an award for participation and a pat on the back. Two people sit down and within 5 minutes, there is a winner and a loser. There’s a handshake, if it’s a tourney match. People get salty, and aim to improve. It is not for the faint of heart, because in a tournament, only 1 person wins out of hundreds or thousands.

        It is definitely, definitely not for the masses.

        You know what?

        We like it that way.

      • That’s great. Honestly, it is. But my opinion is that it should be for the masses, because I want the scene and the genre to be huge. I want round the block queues and midnight openings for the next Tekken because I like the game and I want it to make a shit load of money. So they’ll keep making them so I can play it with my grandkids.

        I guess this is one of those issues that divides people. I just want everyone to enjoy the hobby I do,

        I do find your insights interesting though and I appreciate that you’ve articulated your argument beyond calling me names, that’s refreshing.

        Thank you.

      • Wanting growth in the community is an obvious thing. Who doesn’t want more people to play with?

        In many cases however, the growth of anything resulted in the loss of something important. What sets the FGC apart from other communities is the passion for playing and what it brings out in all of us. We are a community of players, by players, for players. The players are the most important piece of the puzzle as opposed to other forms of competition that cater to the spectators watching a couple of elite players.

        My opinion may not reflect those of everyone else in the community, but I want to grow while still keeping shit real and raw because that’s a lot of the fun found in the FGC. I don’t want what I love to turn into some censored, sheltered bullshit that caters to those who don’t have the same passion for games that I do.

  5. This article is a HUGE slap in the face to the FGC. How about you do some real journalism and speak to some FGC players, how about going to tournaments and getting a feel for what the FGC atmosphere really is. This article smells of bullshit.

  6. If you don’t actually know anything about the actual community and just some fucking youtube comments maybe you shouldn’t write an article about it. This is one of the most poorly researched articles I’ve ever read. I’m not even in the scene, though I have many friends who are, but I know how little you know. Maybe do some legwork before condemning millions of people’s hobby.

    I mean seriously, this is just some stupid attempt to get some easy social justice points on the internet. Jumping on the bandwagon when you have no real experience with this subject outside of a single mentioned event. Pathetic.

  7. My boy up the street has a better blanka then choco, two tears ago at SB(seasons beatings) choco, daigo, momochi all had money match stations setup for them. About 20 minutes later choco had to stop cuz she was already in the hole. She wasn’t really playing any big names…just regular heavy hitters that come out to those type of events. Dont get me wrong she’s a good player, but that’s it…

  8. Your title is terribly misleading, it implies fighting games are the cause of the problem, when your issue lies with the communities.
    Seriously? Being competitive is bad? I think what those CORN dickheads did was too much, but competitive gaming is dying and fighting games retain that in an industry where all games are being simplified and streamlined for the masses. So I disagree that fighting games are bad for gaming, they promote competitiveness and skill and don’t give you a medal just for playing.

  9. This article demonstrates a shocking lack of intelligence and discernment by the author. Its only real value, is this comment section, where he is systematically being exposed.

  10. This article was so poorly researched I thought I was on kotaku all of a sudden. I feel bad for the FGC getting so much crap despite those very same problems being present in all of our other communities.

    • Wholly agree. FGC is getting targeted because they just happen to the be the loudest when this kind of abrasiveness compared to other communities. Why is no one doing anything to expose those communities as well? Why is it always “The FGC?”

  11. It’s a little unfair to judge the entire community based on the actions of a few people.

    Then again, I know exactly where you’re coming from regarding this. It’s really not that bad if you’re relatively thick-skinned — and you have to be when you’re technically a nobody in this community, because you’re going to get shit on more often than not. But like comments have said, the FGC is the ultimate meritocracy.

    It’s not for everyone, really, and you really can’t expect to always feel like you’re willing to be a part of it (I haven’t played anything in like five months now, pretty much since Evo finished) considering how people can be. It is what it is.

  12. You really just cited random twitter and YouTube video/comments as your sources…

    Meanwhile you would imply that FPSs are the bastion of racial tolerance and gender equality. Or maybe that’s why I never played those games with a mic on.

    Or you want to get rid of fighting games because you’re bad at them. Neither argument made much sense, if any.

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  14. You can’t base a gaming community off of a few YouTube comments, come on!

    Do you’re research, attend tournaments and meet a few people, “get to know” the scene instead of writing some half-assed article such as this garbage.

  15. Your argument can literally be applied to most games. Heck, you might as well make an article about why living is bad and why we should stop living because people make sexist remarks and oppress women and those that aren’t skilled enough. Whilst bullying can happen both in school, at work etc.

    Love how you bring up CoD which has one of the worst communities in gaming and completely ignore it.

  16. In regards to that “Not a real nigga” video, a few things. First, the popularity of the video. It’s silly to assume the entirety of those views are from people in the FGC.
    A grown man is crying over a video game, and people are making fun of him for it. That same video is on worldstarhiphop with triple the views and arguably a much smaller focus of people who know anything about video games period. The comments are even worse on there. People laugh at others when they make fools of themselves, it’s nature.

    And why Brian is crying in that video seems a little more relevant than the fact that people are making fun of him. He spent 90 bucks trying to gamble against players very clearly better than him as he himself acknowledged in that video, and lost it knowing that he had no chance of winning. In essence he gave them that cash for free. If anything you should be pointing out that he was silly enough to do that then cry about it. He knew what was coming and frankly, he deserved it. Now he’s learned and now he knows better.

    Every community has a handful of people that act immaturely, and the fact that these kinds of situations very rarely escalate into violence while people in other aspects of life would, as you put it, “punch you in the dick so hard your grandkids would be born with black eyes” is a notable feat, however much that says for all of us as human beings.

    But people like CORN are very rare in the FGC and the only reason you see them over all the great people and great things done in the community is because they’re loud and obnoxious. What about the 3~4 charity events that happened this weekend alone, that were run by members of the FGC? Is that not worth writing an article about? The reality is that you don’t see what the FGC is really like because you, as you have said, are only a casual player that can only gather information from people on youtube that, very likely, don’t even play the games and just sit at home talking trash about others. There’s a nickname for those people, they’re called “stream monsters”, and they don’t at all represent the FGC. That being said, because you clearly see very little of the good this community does, I ask you: What makes you think you’re qualified to write an article of this kind? To judge an entire community that you do not know?

  17. I’m honestly more disappointed than anything else after reading this.

    There are an endless number of motivated, dedicated, and straight up good people in the FGC who devote endless hours to spreading and keeping fighting game culture alive, and yet there are people like yourself who will disregard all the work those people put into an entire culture of gaming to write an article coming from shock value hot topics like misogynistic youtube comments and the CORN TV video.

    You know for a fact that playing fighting games takes extensive time, practice, and motivation, so why would you spit in the face of people who are so dedicated towards their game? On top of that, why would you forget about the numerous tournament organizers, tutorial makers, and otherwise enablers who pretty much do nothing aside from support the scene they love so much and do all they can to make it easier to get into fighting games?

    As you have seen, your article has met with “some” opposition. But honestly, any opinionated piece on “Hey, X is bad because of Y” tends to when the writer himself essentially asserts “I’m not an expert at what I’m writing about, but my opinion matters.” I challenge you to re-evaluate your assessment of fighting games from top to bottom, looking at all the “good” alongside the “bad.” Maybe then, you’ll find yourself able to form a more informed opinion about fighting games.

  18. As someone whose written a great deal about misogyny in gaming as well as the FGC…this was just an unfortunate piece to read. I think if you fleshed out the “why” fighting games are ‘bad’ for gaming as opposed to insular figures in a giant community, you would have a stronger piece that I could argue against [or at least have a better dialogue].

    Are fighting games bad for the gaming culture in Japan? France? Mexico? Or is this primarily aimed at youtube/twitch commentors and a handful of Neaderthal men at conventions and competitions?

    What makes fighting games this deplorable aspect of the industry and the culture-at-large? Though I disagree with the stance you’ve taken here…you could have really pushed yourself here as opposed to centering your arguments around some low hanging fruit in portions of the U.S.

    And we all get it, this was your view from a casual fan’s perspective, which is why I’m moreso talking about your points writing-wise. It would help a great deal [when writing about anything] to develop a vocabulary on the subject matter. You don’t have be an expert on the FGC to point out the obvious flaws, but it isn’t coming from a place that reads like “okay this guy knows his stuff,” it’ll read as someone just throwing stones.

  19. Anyone who gains a perception for an object through the people that use it has a lot bigger problems than misjudging a community that doesn’t give a shit how you feel anyway.

    Just saying.

  20. Quoting youtube video comments and likes from a video? Really? You try to get a clear representation of the community through the anonymity of youtube video comments when anonymity is nothing more than a breeding ground for extremists and trolls who write extreme comments just for a thumbs up. Try going to an event at least once, or go to an active spot where people can casually play. To quote what you said, “But when people just trying to learn the game are actively excluded from the community at large, they’re just going to stop playing.” This is would be true if all you do is stay at home in front of your screen and play online (which seems is what you do). Online and offline communities are much different. The offline communities and arcades (if you’re lucky enough to have some that are still alive) are areas that praise you for actually coming out and interacting with others. To say that you’re being excluded when you’re learning the game means that you don’t really have any drive at all to actively compete. When I first went to an arcade meet and found my local community, they asked me my name, gave me advice on my character and recommended strategies on what to do in certain situations. You just have to have actual drive to play and ample social skills to interact with people, who are really all good guys. At least people who are active in the fighting game community have the drive to leave their house to play games with others rather than just stay at home.
    To be honest with you, the real problem seems to be what you said here, “They’d rather play Call of Duty where no matter how good you are, there’s always a chance you’ll get hit by an airstrike. A feature that’s sadly missing from fighting games.” This in my opinion is the real problem of gaming nowadays. People wanting to be rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. It just seems like laziness. Actual fighting engines getting replaced by QTE’s, linear level design, and generic copy and paste gaming formulas like Call of Duty/NHL/Madden are just an example of how gaming is becoming more commodotized and geared towards a consumer culture. Companies no longer have a drive to make original, thought provoking games and are just generically stamping games left and right and rehashing a game for release every single year, and whenever something original does come up, it gets bought out by a huge studio and made to follow the exact same copy and stamp formula. Gamers shouldn’t feel rewarded by random explosions, or achievements like kill X amount of people. That just breeds laziness from developers and ultimately leads to a future of bad games.

  21. This article is groundless. It’s not correctly documented, full of unproven “facts” and cliches. I’ll be mad if you received a cent for this.

  22. “Yep, someone being bad at a game and wanting people to play and take him seriously so he can improve is a perfectly ok reason to yell at them until they cry.”

    Did you even watch the video? That guy was crying and most of the video was the offscreen voice was telling him not to cry, because everybody loses money sometimes. The reason it was liked and shared was because of that guy’s overreaction to a loss, not because he was somehow bullied into crying.

  23. While fighting games are indeed very unacessible to the masses, it’s certainly not because of the community. Yes, someone yelling at a bad player is something to work on. Though you don’t seem to see the situation as a whole. The player he played against was very good and is very reknown at marvel 3, Noel Brown that is. Guess how I learned from this drama first? Noel brown was tweeting at the guy to make sure he works on adjustments they’ve discussed. The guy with a known face and with most likely more followers than those who have made the video understood the situation and helped the guy.

    Yes fighting games are harsh for the newcomers, but the community will welcome you with open arms in any regular situation. This one was unusual, when someone wants to make a 90$ money match, they’re usually not fucking around and this attracts the crowd. It’s a bit sad it ended that way, but I can assure you that the FGC in general is welcoming. We’ve had a new player around in our scene and EVERYONE was excited at the prospect of having new blood and hopefully a new regular. We helped him on the directions to the venue, we gave him tips, ressources, we talked to him via our own forum and have been helpful and now he’s really glad because of it.

  24. as someone who’s spent a lot of time around the columbus scene, i can shed a bit of light on the CORN video. a lot of the reason people find it so funny is that the person in question has a long history of manchildish behavior and being a dick to others for flimsy reasons; he’s been banned from just about every anime convention in ohio for having a huge meltdown (breaking controllers & other equipment, among other things) over a smash bros. tournament. with how he’s treated others around here, it’s inevitable that they would see this as getting what he deserves.

    columbus fg players are actually some of the most chill i’ve been around, and i’ve been competing all over the US for years. it’s just that the ones i’m friends with tend not to care much for the mainstream capcom games so you don’t see them on streams etc.

    also re: your main point, i would say that the worst bigots in fgs tend to come from the arcade generation, as those were natural breeding grounds for secret boys’ clubs. the issue is, that’s also what led to some of what i find awesome about the community (far more racially diverse + wider age range + less rich than other competitive gaming scenes), so it’s not easy to say whether things will be better or worse overall in the future as more old-schoolers leave. fwiw, i know one trans woman who used to be in pro counter-strike and says they treated her far worse than fg players have…

  25. An entire article based on youtube comments and a few bad apples in the UMVC3 scene. C.O.R.N stands for Coalition of real niggas, It’s safe to say they don’t represent the FGC.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about, and know nothing of the fighting game community. This blog is a joke, personal opinion or not.

  26. People that make comments on Youtube are the same as “Stream Monsters”.

    They are NOT FGC. Do not associate the FGC with these assholes. They are not part of it, and they are not acknowledged as part of it by anybody.

    Also, it’s Marvel. I don’t like Marvel. And trust me what happened there is no where near as bad as shit I’ve read about Dark Prince where people could of actually of gotten hurt, or worse.

  27. Everyone is picking apart your article just as you picked apart the FGC. But I believe you have made some points. It doesn’t matter what the FGC is trying to say or what the FGC is actually saying. It only matters how the FGC is seen. If they keep condoning to these types of behaviors and attitudes, they will not get anymore popular than they are right now. They will get left in the dust from games like LoL and Starcraft. And as an FGC member, it’s pretty fucking sad.

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  29. Looks like we got an aspie here that thinks his opinion means anything.

    Also Cryin Brian is friends with the CORN folk, there’s no hard feelings at all in that video get over it you baby.

  30. I find it funny you say Choco Blanka isn’t a terrible player when even her boyfriend Momochi says Choco Blanka is god awful and doesn’t enjoy teaching her or playing with her cause she has no skill

  31. This sounds like another one of those, “I’m a casual player and I want to be just as important as the people who actually put in time” type rants I’ve heard a million times.

    Worst part is, companies have dumbed down the Fighting games that have come out and this is happening MORE than it did before these new game. Fuck man.

  32. Whats that? Oh its just some aspie kid making some fresh and juicy bait in order to gain traffic and views on his pathetic video gaming blog. And from what I can see plenty of people fell for this bait.

    Nice try kiddo, get a real job instead of aspiring to be Kotaku and thinking anyone cares about your views on anything.

  33. Karl, your statement about Choco Blanka being one of the best players in the world, period, is completely false. She is a player who is well above average but no where close to one of the top players in the world and her international and local tournament results prove this. ANY player who puts themselves out there is going to get critiqued, even the literal best players in the world in their respective games get critiqued by people who do not know what they’re talking about.

    This is something, that you should know very well, happens in every form of media these days but this does not make it ok. Many of the points you made are huge generalizations and you seem to cherrypick events to back up your article. Where are the points about the multiple charity events that the FGC has created, the hundreds and thousands that the community has generated. What about how the community paid for a disabled player from Japan, who’s dream was to attend EVO, to EVO. Look into the community a bit more and you’ll find just as much good as there is bad.

  34. I must say, you are wrong on some points and totally right in some other.

    Not every fighting game player is a total ass, lamer, and scrub asshole who rightly deserves punches until he’s in the prehistoric age. My myself, knowing very intimately the fighting game community and scene, I’m very approachable and friendy, and I will never SCREAM or make laughs at somebody crying.

    In the other hand, I think this kind of games is more prone to trolls that probably FPS, It’s sadly very common to walk into this kind of assholes that will use the trollest tacticts to win, no matter what, and just to laugh at you. But I think you can spot them well before falling in their trap of playing against them. They are assholes, as they are in every other aspect of life.

    Finally, not the entire community is a gigantic asshole. There are some real kind people out there which are fantastic as an individual and as a whole. Not myself but I came across some real genuine people out there =) and, of course, I came across total assholes as well.

    The only thing I think I will agree with you, no question is the misogyny. I found sadly common to disrespect a fighting player only because gender, no matter is she’s a killer or not.

    I think is because most of the guys in the FG are in his teens, and you know, is what you usually do when you are a spoiled brat. The real concern is when grown-up players do this also. Which is not very uncommon, unfortunately. 😦

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  37. Okay everyone. Stop with the major critisism. Sure most of us dont agree with any of this or omly some of it (sexist against girls) but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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