Video Content update

At this moment in time, in terms of videos, our little groups channel is severely lacking in anything remotely resembling regular content, which… Well, that sucks really.

HOWEVER, as the above picture would suggest, soon the channel should be getting some decent content coming its way, we have planned a few things that will be made all the more possible when Christmas roles ’round and we get our pretty gadgets, our HD PVRs and our new microphones. Oh yes, yes, yes ladies and gents, the time is near for decent TKOG content.

Thats not to say that our own individual channels dont have content currently, in fact if you want a video gaming video fix right now, our channels have just the things for you!

Firstly (and so it doesn’t look like I’m prioritizing my own content) Lucas has just started making Lets Plays, he’s started playing a little steampunky game called “Vessel” over on his channel as always Luke puts his own… Screamy… Strange voiced… Spin on the game and its a fun little watch!

Secondly, on The CozzPod channel, we’re putting out a good few bits of gaming content right now! We have our Left 4 Dead series which involves us getting beat up by Tanks a lot in survival mode, and soon some versus mode! Second we have our two older gaming series, Happy Wheels and SCP-087-B all of which feature our own special brand of idiocy in gaming… And a lot of screaming.

Lastly we have some content from the man whos deleted most of his content like a jackass, Mr. Torn On Denial Himself. He has his Minecraft “how to” on Skyblock series up on his channel, check it out!

Until next time website, until next time!

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