Scottish Geeks

Hey guys, There is this little site that I know of that is rather awesome. It’s called Scottish Geeks, and, although it’s not exclusively gaming related, it still has a bunch of great, geeky content up for you guys to let your minds wander through. You’ll find reviews, videos and some generally cool stuff over there. 

One thing I would like to bring your attention to however is a three part, Metal Gear Solid 3 abridged script that I personally found rather whimsical and funny. Set in the game itself, you’ll follow the story of naked snake as you follow the storyline of the game, but with a little twist. Seen through the wonderful eyes of Joseph Hardy, there is a much more comical outlook on Snakes tale this time round.

Revolver Ocelot


Featuring a crumpet eating Major Zero, a rather disturbed Ocelot and a gimpsuit wearing Snake, if you don’t love this little quirky spin on one of my favourite games out there, then I’m afraid you should get your funny bone looked at…Either that or get your ass back on MGS3 and see why this script is awesome.

Anyways, enough of me babbling, read it here:  (don’t forget to read all three parts!!!)

Oh, and make sure you check out the rest of the site, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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