Which Review


Indie games are one of my great loves in the gaming world for two reasons, first is that there is a huge amount of originality, indie games have to be much more original than their mainstream counterparts, primarily because they don’t have the advantage of EA and THQ ad campaigns, therefore the market is much harder to get into. The second reason, that NO ONE can deny is a reason for loving indie games, is thefact that they are [for the most part] cheap!

Being a gamer I know that most of us are living in student poverty or unemployed poverty and we end up saving up whatever cash we get to improve our game stash, we also end up with a sizable collection of games that we managed to get for free in one way or another, so today, in honor of us poor folk, I am bringing you a review of a short horror game that is 100% freeware, this game will make you squirm hard and will ensure buttcheeks are clenched if you play it as its supposed to be played, the game is “Which”.

“Which” is a freeware first person horror game from Mike Inel that, I’m not afraid to say, inspired various types of inhuman yelps from my petrified self. The game is short, and I mean short, if you know what to do you can complete the game in around five minutes, HOWEVER, knowing what your doing, lets face it, is a little bit boring *especially* in horror games. On my first attempt at this game I think I [s] endured [/s] clocked around 15/20 minutes of [s] terror [/s] gameplay to reach the end.

As soon as you load this game you get metaphorically kicked in the metaphorical balls with a heavy amount of tension. You wake up in a room, there is light glaring through old style windows, your vision is blurry and everything is shades grey and white. There is no music, only a vague white noise, like the buzz of a dying light bulb, the only sense of security you gain at any point is from the sound of your own footsteps on the wooden floor and you quickly become aware that there is no chance of escape.

Throughout the game you’re looking for keys to open each room, the only guides you have are white “paintings” on the wall, theres no options menu or button configurations, you get what you’re given. When you reach a certain point in the game you will come to a crossroads. The choice you make here WILL determine the ending of the game and your fate, suffice to say, don’t get too attached to your life.

Onto the tech spec, there are three .exe files for this game, “Which-3D” “Which-Hi” and “Which-Lo” all of which are pretty self explanatory, to test how Low Lo really is I booted up my old ’05 Toshiba Tecra M3 which has 512 MB RAM, a 1.73 Ghz Processor and was abused by its previous owner and it ran smooth, even high only ran a little choppy. Overall I’d say you’d have no problem playing this game, even on a low spec netbook.


I really would have LOVED to go into more detail about the game, to explain what happens and the various ways it makes you mess your metaphorical pants and jump out of your skin, but you NEED to experience this yourself. Completing the game wont take you long and its well worth it, turn the lights down, put your headphones on and prepare for a ride.

Final Rating: 4/5

Download Link: http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/adventure/which/1523/

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